We deliver a full range of THC products to medical patients all across Maine. Our standard delivery zone is Biddeford to Brunswick with a minimum order amount of $40. Typically orders placed within our standard zone receive delivery same day.

Orders outside of our standard zone are available upon request and subject to delivery fees.

You MUST have a valid Medical Marijuana card in order to receive THC deliveries.

Click the button below to view our entire LIVE delivery menu. If you are struggling to place your delivery order online you can call or text your order directly to 207-815-1795.

We have a separate Online Store that sells items that we can ship out over state lines. These items include CBD, Glass, Apparel & other Merchandise.

Online Orders through the Online Store must be paid for via Venmo and will be shipped within 48 hours of being purchased.

THC products cannot be purchased through the Online Store and must be delivered using our Delivery Menu which is for patients only. If you are a Maine Resident and would like to purchase a Maine Medical Marijuana Card, please scroll to the bottom of this page for info.

Click the button below to check out the Online Store which updates with new products on a weekly basis.

Delivery Hours of Operation:

Sunday 9/10: CLOSED
Monday 9/11: 9 – 6
Tuesday 9/12: 9 – 6
Wednesday 9/13: 9 – 6
Thursday 9/7: 9 – 6
Friday 9/8: 9 – 4*
Saturday 9/9: CLOSED

For the entire month of September we are doing Buy 4 Get 1 FREE specials on the following products:

-Smokiez Gummies
-Distillate Vape Cartridges
-Cured Resin Vape Cartridges
-Live Resin Vape Cartridges
-Live Resin Vape Disposables
-Cured Resin Dabs
-Live Resin Dabs
-ChocLit Bars
-RSO Syringes

You must get 4 of the same category to qualify. Cannot be combined with other deals or discounts. Patients only.

Need your Maine Medical Marijuana Card? Beach Health Center has your back!

Simply text “VIRTUAL” to (207) 229-4492 and once the form is completed and paid ($50), your new Maine Medical Marijuana card will be mailed directly to you!

Est. 2021