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The Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit is the latest accessory to hit our shelves. This device can be a handy tool for those who consume wax concentrates as it can help them warm up their favorite materials in preparation for their session.

The Perfect Cutting Tool

The Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit is the perfect cutting tool for wax concentrate enthusiasts. If you consume hard waxy concentrates, you might have experienced having to chop or cut up small portions of your favorite material whether you’re microdosing or simply when you’re gathering dollops of concentrates while prepping for your sesh. Cutting through your stash using conventional cutters can sometimes be wasteful and frustrating.

Using non-heated cutters will cause small portions of the wax concentrates to stick to it. You can collect it using another knife, but that can either be time consuming or just plain wasteful. Wax is expensive, that’s why it’s important to use a knife that will not waste any of it.

The Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit allows you to simply cut through wax without having to waste as much material when using conventional cutters. The Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit is capable of heating the tip of the tool to melt the hard concentrates. Doing so not only ensures that breaking down and cutting your materials will go seamlessly but also that the hard wax concentrates will not stick to the tool.

The Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit is perfect for heating cold wax and hard shatter.

Variable Voltage Setting and Other Features

Taking design cues from the Yocan Sol, the Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit has a variable voltage setting. The available voltage options are perfect for the task it is intended for. The twist voltage setting ranges from 1.8 volts to 4.2 volts and is adjustable by 0.1 volts. The lowest setting will easily cut through hard and solid extracts without having to extract its active ingredients. Of course, the higher you set the voltage level, the more it will vaporize the cut material. The highest voltage level can be used for other things — which we’ll get to in a few.

Changing the temperature setting is easy. All you need to do is to twist the base and make sure that the “red” marker aligns with the corresponding voltage level.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit is based from the Yocan Sol, which means that it packs a 400mAh battery capacity, has a 10-second pre-heat function, and a 15-second safety cut off.

When you’re using it as a cutter, the 400mAh battery capacity definitely comes in handy. That’s because the device will have a decent battery charge that you won’t have to keep on charging it very often. Depending on how frequent you cut hard wax concentrates (or consume wax for that matter) the Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit can last you for a week or more.

For the case of the 10-second pre-heat function and the 15-second safety cut off, this means that you will not have to worry about having to burn the extracts. Because the heated tip will not heat for more than 15 seconds, you’re sure that you the Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit will not heat up long enough to waste your hard extracts. In addition, you can be sure that the battery will not be drained unnecessarily.

Can be Used as a Heated Wax Pick/Dab Tool

The Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit can quickly heat up to cut hard wax concentrates. However, it can also liquefy your wax concentrates when loading them to your vaporizer or banger. When heated, the Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit can melt the wax allowing users to evenly distribute the resin on the wax chamber. As the concentrate is heated, it smoothly slides down to the wax chamber allowing owners to enjoy a no-mess loading experience.

Doubles as an Oil Vape Battery

The Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit is not just a good cutting tool — it also doubles as an oil vape battery. The Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit has a 510-threaded connection. Here, you connect the heated tip, but it can also accommodate a wide variety of cartridges.

You can easily connect your favorite carts on the Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit by simply twisting it to the tip of the device.

Using it is also simple too. The Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit has a single power button at the middle. And just like any average vaporizer, you just have to press the power button five times to turn in on or off. To begin pre-heating, simply press the power button twice when powered on.

Beautiful Colors

Hallmark to Wulf Mods products is its splattered paint, and the Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit is no exception. The Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit comes in a variety of hues including a neochrome rainbow.

Pulling it out in front of your friends will not only immediately tell them you’re carrying a Wulf Mods but also carrying a Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit. The available colors of the Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit will immediately catch one’s attention and bring the spotlight to you in every session. Make sure to get the Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit today.

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White w/ Red Splatter, Black w/ Green Splatter, Black w/ Red Splatter, Black w/ White Splatter, Pink w/ Black Splatter, Purple w/ Black Splatter, Teal w/ Black Splatter, Rainbow Neochrome


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